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  • THE BIGGEST TURN – ON IN A WOMAN… I have a saying and it is Girls compete with each other, women empower each other so would have to be empowering other women 
  • I AM… Tan and Exotic
  • MY STYLE… is very laid back casual, love jeans plain tops and cool sneakers
  • MY DAY STARTS WITH… either a run or F45 work out and then breakfast which is always bacon, eggs and avocado
  • MY FONDEST MEMORY… would be when I completed university while living away from home
  • I AM ALWAYS INSPIRED BY… just strong independent women
  • A LADY IS STYLISH… When she is classy
  • LADIES YOU FIND STYLISH… Jennifer Hawkins, Victoria Beckham, Candice Swanepoel
  • THE BIGGEST TURN – ON IN A WOMAN… I have a saying and it is Girls compete with each other, women empower each other so would have to be empowering other women
  • THE BIGGEST TURN – OFF IN A WOMAN… Definitely jealously
  • BEST GROOMING TIPS TO FOLLOW… Always wash yours make up off before bed
  • MY ATTIRE… Simple and casual
  • MY FAVORITE CLOTHING BRANDS… Too many but my wardrobe mainly consists of Bardot and one teaspoon jeans
  • MY FAVORITE FASHION ACCESSORY… Gold studs or a watch
  • BEST INTERNATIONAL SHOPPING DESTINATION… I loved shopping in NYC but I have yet to go to Paris or Milan so that might change after I have visited those places
  • MY FAVORITE DESIGNER…It’s a toss-up between Zimmerman, Camila with love and Zac Posen. But I will say Zimmerman they always have nice pieces
  • THE BEST HOLIDAY I HAVE EVER HAD… Was my girls trip to America. We went to LA, Vegas, NYC, Miami and Cancun 
  • I LIKE TO FLY… Everywhere and anywhere I love flying I am a travel bug
  • MY FAVORITE WHEEL TO DRIVE… I like my little Ford Focus but if I could afford it, I would like a Porsche or Merc
  • THREE THINGS THOSE ALWAYS IN MY HANDBAG… Band aid, lip liner and lip gloss  
  • I FEEL DOWN… When people let me down or people I love are let down
  • MY BLESSING… are my friends and family
  • THE BEST THING ABOUT LIVING IN MELBOURNE… The culture, so much to see and do, the people the passion for sports and all the restaurants and bars available to visit
  • I LOVE TO EAT… French food my favorite meat is duck
  • MY FITNESS SECRET… is I run a lot. I love running and mostly long distance
  • LUXURY MEANS TO ME… Freedom to do what I want and having the means to do it
  • THE BEST GIFT I WOULD MOST LIKE TO RECEIVE… Lame and corny, but love nothing tangible
  • MY SPARE TIME I SPEND… Playing sport or being outdoors. I wish I could read books, but I get too bored reading
  • I LOVE TO LISTEN… All kinds of music but heavy metal and not the biggest fan of country
  • I LIKE TO WATCH… Romantic or action movies
  • MY FAVORITE SPORT… to play would be netball
  • MY FAVORITE HANGOUT SPOT IN MELBOURNE… St Kilda Beach area or Chapel street
  • THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE… My support network, my boyfriend and family
  • I WISH… I could win the lotto
  • THE BEST ATTRACTION OF MINE… My easy laid back personality
  • I HATE TO SEE… Other people struggling like homeless, hungry, or uneducated
  • MY BIGGEST TEMPTATION… Money as a motivator
  • I’M ADDICTED TO…  Plain vanilla ice cream
  • I AM NEVER FED UP OF… Good news stories
  • I ALWAYS ADMIRE… People who work hard and achieve what they are trying to succeed in
  • THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING A CELEBRITY… having a platform or a voice to shed light on causes that need it that would necessarily be heard

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