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By Sashi Neelya

Melbourne based gorgeous Becky Branca, made her way to crowned as Mrs. Australia Globe in 2014.  She is a mother of two, a model, a stylist, a blogger and a fashion designer and a flight attendant, which makes her one busy woman. It’s surprising the way she’s maintaining herself healthy and fit while dealing with all the characters above in her life. MSW took the chance to sit with Becky for a good chat to find out just what her secret is…

How did you fall in love with fashion and beauty industry?

I've been around it in my whole life. My mother was a former Miss Australia and a model so I grew up watching her on the catwalk. I wanted a clothing store since I was in grade 1, I used to draw sketches of clothes I'd have and my absolute favorite music video growing up was "Too Funky" by George Michael. It was directed by the French designer Thierry Mugler, it was so theatrical and brilliant. That sparked both my love of fashion and supermodels.

Let’s share some your fondest memories of Bettie's Boutique and your own label La Bella Couture.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I just went for it. My daughter Izabella was 6mths old and I wanted to do something I could mainly do from home and I used to get stopped in the street all the time and asked where I got my dress, I used to buy most of my clothes from the US because you just couldn't get retro here. I love clothing from the 40's-50's because that was when they really embraced a woman's curves and it suits every body type. It seems I wasn't the only one who agreed... I took the fudge and brought the brands to Australia, I had the store in Mornington for 3 years and online for 2. Clothes from the store won nearly every Fashion's on The Field and that was sort of how I feel into having my own line. I used to make my own outfits for the races because I didn't want to rock up in the same thing as someone else, and I did well so I thought I'd see how my own collection would do. I got picked up by a PR company after my first runway show and many celebrities like Delta Goodrem wore my designs. I even had one of my gowns lands the cover of NY mag which as pretty special and an outfit I designed for the Melbourne Cup was spotted and then worn at the Royal Ascot. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the backing to grow it as fast as they wanted and I found out my son had special needs so I had to stick a pin in it. I still create outfits though I even did my own National Costume and Evening Gown at the last pageant.

What's your favorite thing about being a designer/ stylist?

Seeing something in your head come to life and being able to reinvent somebody's look. Especially when they aren't quite sure and then you see it on them and it's like "wow" their face when they know they look good. It's really amazing to be able to do that for somebody. I've also got to work with some really amazing people, Jean Claude Van Damme was pretty cool and so nice.

Describe your personal style

I'd say I'm pretty bold yet sophisticated, but it really depends on where I'm going and my mood. I mean I have my pageant wardrobe which is filled with Jovani, Dollhouse xoxo and Sherri Hill. Then you have my everyday wardrobe and I'm a Melbournite so my wardrobe has a lot of black, nude, white and gray but I wear mainly fitted playsuits, dresses and silk shirts like Misha Collection, Dion Lee and Cmeo Collective. Last, there are my fitness and mummy wardrobe which is youre Lorna Jane, Lillipod, PE Nation which is what you'll catch me in with my work out and school drop off.  Essentially though I have a rule of thumb and that goes for everyone I dress, legs or boobs- can't have both! Pick one and you can't go wrong.

You are a great mother of two adorable kids. How do you really manage your time for the role of mom?

I'm not going to lie, it's hard work. Most will tell you I'm the busiest person they know but at the same time, I love it. I find it hard to sit still, I'm always on the go. My house may not always be tidy and there's the endless washing to put away but I try and have fun with the kids, I plan my catch ups and modeling jobs when the kids are at school. I clean up when they're in bed it's just easier. You always have the time it's just a matter of being motivated and organized.

What motivated you to enter the Mrs. Globe pageant?

My son Dominic has special needs he was born with scoliosis and a rare brain disorder of the corpus callosum. I was dressing a pageant girlfriend and she said "why don't you enter a Mrs?" and I was like "There's a Mrs?" I didn't even know they existed and I thought, what a great way to raise awareness of my son's condition. My mom always spoke so highly of her experience and still do this day she is friends with her roommate at the time, Miss America. I went for it on a whim and I'm so glad I did, it brought so many amazing people into my life and at a time I was feeling a little helpless it brought me back and made me feel like I was doing something helpful for my son.

You a proud ambassador for Bully Zero, WIN Foundation, cancer awareness and many charities. How these good courses effect on your pageant and day to day life?

Just like any soldier fighting a battle they put their uniform on and get to it. I do the same thing, it just is my uniform (my crown and dress) is a much cuter outfit. That's what the crown is really about, giving you a louder voice to stand up and be heard, for people to take notice so that you can be effective in doing some good in this world. I've been an ambassador for Bully Zero for 2 years, I have bullied nearly my whole school life and I just lost my dad to suicide a year ago, and I found out he was also being bullied at work. There's not a day that goes by where I don't worry if my son is going to be picked on or not. I'll come and share my experiences at schools with Bully Zero to better educate our kids to handle bullying, stress and anxiety, suicides caused by bullying is becoming an epidemic.

I lost both my aunt and grandmother to cancer and my other grandmother survived it, it's on both sides of my family I have to be vigilant and so do both men and women of today.

The WIN foundation helps women in need, women coming out of abusive relationships, women who feel helpless, giving advice to young women about responsible dating to help prevent future family violence. I've been in an abusive relationship I know how it consumes you and how hard it is to break free and come back to yourself.

The point is I don't bury my head in the sand and I believe that by being open and honest we can share our stories so that we might touch just one person to make a positive change. We are all very capable of this, we just need to stop pretending to be so perfect or being scared at what people think and maybe then more people will have the courage to do the same.

How does your job as a flight attendant help you to improve your lifestyle?

It gives me a much-needed break, I love my job, I love working with new people every day and going to different places seeing friends and family interstate. I took time off with the kids and went back when my son was 2 and a half and it's great, I think it's good for a mom to have a break with some adult conversation so when they come home they feel recharged. I just did day trips mainly and have just started doing an overnight here or there and I tell you what it's so nice to have the bed to yourself. I can work out, take a long bath and because you're not there to tuck them in that night it makes you miss them so bad. I think you all have a great appreciation for each other when you come home.

Health and fitness are the favorite topics you love to talk always. What is your daily routine of fitness?

Wake up at 7 am have a quick shower and get my kids ready for school. If both are at school I’m usually off doing the 1000 steps or in the gym. I love being active outdoors and doing fun classes with my girlfriends. If they're at home and it's summer we'll all go for a walk or I'll bang out a Collective Elite routine with their Body Guide Handbook. They're really effective and straight forward so I can get a quick workout from home.

Being a mother, you have to manage food for your kids and you are a great food lover too. How do you balance your healthy meals among all these?

I make nutritious meals with whole foods for both the kids and myself. I'll meal prep a dad or two in advance if I know I'll be busy. I usually make protein balls that are refined sugar-free with things like grated carrot and nuts so we all eat them as snacks. Bella is a lot fussier, she definitely has her dad's Italian genes and loves pasta so I'll make pasta with broccoli or bolognese loaded with veggies for her. She loves raw carrots and stuff but sometimes it's a matter of being sneaky and puree veggies to add to eggs or burgers but I'll try and introduce her to my meals. I use a lot of the meals out of the Body Guide Book from Collective Elite as well as my own recipes I usually have up on Instagram. They're fast, nutritious and taste awesome, because who wants to eat food you don't enjoy.

How does living in Melbourne influence your lifestyle?

I love Melbourne, I'm a Melbournite through and through. It's not just the fashion (we love our staples in black) it's the people, there's always something going on so I'll take the kids out a lot in the warmer months to cafes, zoo, parks and beaches. I'll do the steps with friends, walk around the gardens, I love that no matter what you want to do it's no more than an hour drive.

“A Busy Girls Guide” gives a great platform for you to share your health and fitness tips with other moms who love to be healthy and beautiful. What made you think to share your experience with others?

I just used to get asked all the time what my secret was, how did I stay fit? What do I eat? and I thought why not share it with those that are time poor especially and will appreciate the work being done for them. The 'Busy Girl's Guide' is a page and soon to be EBook that has easy to follow fitness routines you can do at home, easy and yum meals and snacks that are refined sugar-free and nutritious. It's also really easy to follow hair and make-up tutorials for every eye color that ranges from day to stage looks.

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What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as a mother who involves in the beauty and fashion industry?

You don't have to lose your unique identity and sense of style when you become a Mum. It can be hard, at first, it's a little awkward trying to find clothes to breastfeed in and that fit you pretty much live in spandex and oversized tee's but take the time to invest in yourself. Everything becomes about this little amazing person that's just come into your life, but you need to make time for you. Have set time aside for yourself to run on a treadmill while watching catch ups on Netflix, go a get yourself some staple pieces that make you feel good. It's ok to do stuff for yourself because the happier you are the better Mum you can be and the happier they'll be. You can still chase your dreams, have the body you want (hello look at Alessandra Ambrosio) and dress the way you want. Children as much as I love them

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Photographed by Hector Calara

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