TBL winners Jofre Family

Change the mind and the body will follow – TBL winners Jofre Family

By Sashi Neelya

2015 was the most amazing and transformation year for the Jofre family. Daniel Jofre, the youngest male in TBL families season ten, was crowned as the Biggest Loser, which saw him awarded $100,000. In addition, the Jofre family Tony, Pablo and Rob received $100,000 for being the family to lose the most weight.

Tony took the very first step for the life changing journey of his family by applying TBL families season ten, after seeing an ad on TV that the next season of the biggest loser Australia was for families.

“I spoke to my brothers about it and rang my uncle at first, we thought we would never have a chance to participate, although our weight and health was out of control. Yet we took the chance and applied” – Tony

Others also joined the chat recalling initial memories mentioning what motivates them to participate in the competition.

“I thought it’s an opportunity for a complete life changing experience with my brothers and uncle and see Pablo get his life back on track and uncle Rob being over 150 kilograms “- Daniel

“Yes, to me this was another chance to begin my life again healthier and fitter than ever before, I have always been an obese individual with low motivation, but this opportunity motivated me for the first time in my life and I had my family to go with me”. - Pablo

“I wanted to take back control of life and surround myself with a positive environment knowing I will be amongst the best professionals in the country. The opportunity to be healthy and educating the mind for better a healthier lifestyle. But most importantly to be there alongside my nephews”- Rob

Though Jofre’s main expectation was losing the weight, there are many other improvements they gained in their lifestyle after the victory.

“Yes, besides the weight loss which was a major milestone for me, the confidence and social aspect of my life has changed dramatically and it really feels good, including giving me a shot in being in a relationship” Pablo

“Another good thing happened to us after winning the competition is the opportunity to share our journey to the world and help motivate and inspire others along their journey to a healthier lifestyle. It's opened doors to a new world of fitness which prior to the show I have never thought I would be a part of, this was what I was set out to become a role model to my family, friends and everyone who wants to be a better version of themselves”. – Daniel

“As a result, we started Jofre fitness from scratch, and investing what we learned and time to help others. Jofre fitness has been running Free Community boot camps on Sundays at W.G Cresser reserve in Altona for 12 months now. The response from Families in the community has been extremely rewarding for us all. We call them our Fitness Family.

We decided to reach out to the wider community by establishing the Jofre Fitness 10-weeks transformation online, to reach out to other communities who live in Australia and in other countries. We hope to share this positive message to as many people we can. www.jofrefitness10wt.com.au – Tony”

“Also, I was able to reignite my passion for fashion with being given the task to design our Activewear Label JF Active, I have already got a small collection designed and samples made. We have a range out which includes hoodies, t-shirt, tank tops and leggings. Our first photo shoot will happen in 2017 and launch our range online”. - Rob

“Talking about clothing, a major change in our dressing style too, feeling confident wearing clothing I would not in the past, promoting designer brands and exposing them with confidence. My fashion style has gone from baggy plus size unattractive to active wear and smart casual which I must admit I love it.The fact that I can go to any store and actually fit into their clothes has helped my confidence and helped me feel pride in my appearance”.  - Daniel

All these things came into their lives while making them celebrities in Australia. It was a dream come true for anyone, but Jofre’s talk about the sacrifices they did and how hard it was for them.

“Time away from family during the competition was the hardest thing, for The Jofre’s Family is our number one. We are very united. Still, I found that leaving my sad life behind with the chance of a new exciting and positive life was enough to make my time on the show easier. “– Rob

The result of all the hard works Jofre’s enjoys an active lifestyle today.

“Our changed daily routines include sharing a positive message, run fitness sessions, train with Pablo Daniel and Rob or train alone when the others are busy with other commitments and also manage the jofre fitness 10-weeks online transformation which is worldwide. And not forgetting to keep me busy and set goals to achieve in the future.Always looking to better myself cause the job is never done it’s a life's work”. – Tony

To all who are excited to know about upcoming gigs from Jofre’s, here are some lined up for the next few months

  • Season two of the Jofre fitness 10-weeks transformation online program. Starts 30th of January 2017 and there will be more in the future. www.jofrefitness10wt.com
  • Launch of the JF Activewear by Jofre fitness (clothing & accessories) merchandise
  • Community free training all year round- go to jofre fitness facebook page for more details
  • Public appearances- At obstacle courses around the country
  • First official Cookbook

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