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Andrea Agosta Creates Timeless Masterpieces To Be Treasured

By Sashi Neelya

Ever rarer is a woman who has succeeded with her own name as the brand, who has become a celebrity herself in the process. Andrea Agosta, the founder of “Andrea Agosta Designer jewellery” who grew up and lives in Melbourne, is a tycoon of her time.

This talented award winning designer has been making jewellery for over a decade, creating some of the finest crystal custom pieces in the industry and has taken her name to the international level.  Andrea’s jewellery has featured in photo shoots and on the runways here in Australia and in New York. Her designs have been featured in countless publications and her jewellery has been worn by many brides and even beauty queens just to name a few.

Andrea was kind enough to do a Q&A with MSW, talking about her work, trends in jewellery and design, and much more.

What sparked your passion for jewellery?

My love for jewellery making started many years ago. After I opened a small boutique not far from where I lived, many of my customers would come into the store and ask for jewellery to match their special occasion outfit or for a simple piece of jewellery for everyday wear. That’s when I decided that I needed to learn the art of jewellery making and my love affair with Swarovski® Crystal began, and the rest is now history.

My collection consists of Headpieces, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Rings – all created with Swarovski® Crystals the reward is in seeing how a jewellery piece can bring joy, beauty or romance into someone’s life’.

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am inspired by beautiful life experiences, which I then interpret into various designs and creations. I love creating pieces that are unique, exciting and elegant to wear for either bridal, special occasions or day to day use.  People often remark how wonderful and unique the pieces are and how it makes them feel good when they wear them.  This further inspires me to create new intricate designs using new elements and techniques.

We’d love to know about your design process; choosing materials, design development, how the team works to do this, etc.

Choosing the right materials was quite easy. As I mentioned before, my love affair with Swarovski® Crystals started many years ago. I was inspired by the glittering crystal animals and the sparkling jewels in the Swarovski® shops. When I started making jewellery I decided that I would only use the World’s best crystals in all my designs – it has been a lasting and rewarding relationship. I have also visited Swarovski® in Austria.

I love sitting at my creative table and playing with the various crystal shapes and colours. Some designs can be created simply by just playing around whilst other designs need to be carefully planned. All the creations are individually made by hand. No mass-producing techniques are used. This ensures the highest quality work is produced to the satisfaction of my customers.

How does living in Melbourne influence your design style? Describe your aesthetic.

I was born and raised in Melbourne.  Melbourne is such a vibrant and exciting city with a large multicultural population.  With such a variety of people I push myself to create a diverse range of pieces that will appeal to the diverse population whilst maintaining an “Australian feel”.

What is your favourite piece you’ve ever created, and what made it so special?

It’s difficult to choose just one favourite piece – over the years I have had many favourite pieces. The Mad Hatter (crystallized hat), Crystal Queen (necklace) and the Egyptian Princess (headpiece) were three statement pieces I designed and made for the Creative Beading Awards. All designs made the Top 10 with the Mad Hatter taking out second prize in the competition. You can spend a lot of time designing a piece and it’s really easy to become attached to your designs.

What’s it like to see someone is wearing one of your creations?

It’s exciting and I feel very honoured and grateful to have been able to collaborate with some amazing fashion designers for photo shoots and on the runways here in Australia and in New York. This has given me the perfect opportunity to showcase my designs. My Jewellery has been seen on models, worn by contestants in pageants, beauty queens, in a musical production, seen on TV, at the races for fashion on the fields and chosen by many brides for their special day.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur and a designer?

To pursue my dreams and never give up doing what you love.

Describe your personal style in three words

Unique, exciting, elegant!

What's your jewellery philosophy?

I want every piece to be unique and have the “Wow” factor yet at the same time it must be affordable to buy and comfortable to wear.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

People are fascinated with the creations I make and remark how fantastic they look and feel and how unique looking they are. They also say how they love wearing my creations because of their uniqueness and they fall in love with the sparkle!

With over a decade experience in bridal jewellery designing, how has the use of jewellery changed today?

I think one of the most important changes has been the increasing popularity for more women to wear jewellery at all times, not just for special occasions. The reasonable prices for custom made jewellery such as mine have made it possible for the general public to own a piece of unique and wearable art.

What new opportunities do you see?

I would like to see my creations showcased not only locally here in Australia, but also internationally as well.  I obviously want to create and grow a very successful business with numerous boutiques so that my creations are easily available to the public at an affordable price, as well as expanding my online business through my Website.  Recently, I have engaged a business development manager to source clients and spread the word about my business here in Australia.

I recently attended bridal fashion shows in New York to connect with like-minded businesses. New York was great and I while I was there, it was the perfect opportunity to do a photo shoot to showcase some of the new designs.

With what materials and techniques are you experimenting now?

As I said previously, there has been an increase in the trend for more women to wear jewellery at all times and not just for special occasions. I am experimenting with designs that can be worn on a day to day basis.

How important is colour and materials to your design process?

Very important indeed. I only use Swarovski® Crystals and other materials which guarantee the success and longevity of each individual piece I create.  The colours of the stones of the custom-made pieces I make are of course chosen by my customers who tend to choose the colours that reflect their personality or character. 

And who are your pieces addressed to?

I design and create original jewellery pieces especially for the bride-to-be, red carpet events as well as everyday wear and made to order requests.

What do you wish more collectors knew about your jewellery?

When they are purchasing a piece of jewellery from my collection they are purchasing with the idea that a piece of jewellery is a mark of the eternal creative spirit – a treasure that should endure from one generation to the next.

Let’s give a reminder to all again about the availability of your collection

There are several ways to keep in contact with me. Follow me on Instagram at @andrea_agosta or visit my website - “” to see some of my creations and to keep up to date with the latest releases, you can even join my VIP Club.

Details for the bridal shoot

Jewellery: Andrea Agosta
Photographer: Chris Hui Photography
Gown: Catherine R Couture
Model:  Joanna Nowak

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